We proudly offer:

Awesome, organic, plant- based & synergetic superfood solutions for 

a green & healthy lifestyle. 


We need as much natural, plant-based, nutrition such as vitamins, minerals phyto-nutrition, co-factors, klorophyl...as we can get. 

Our soils are depleted and many fruits and vegetables as well unfortunately.  Greenmans offers a clean, all natural & organic way to fuel your body with super-nutrient-dense, plant- based smoothie blends from Supreme Organic's to hot beverage from Cococcino's. 



About 1 gram of our superfood blends holds the same amount of nutrition as 10 gram of its ingredients, the only thing that has been extracted is the water. All the nutrition is still there waiting to fuel your body.



Natural colors in food comes most often from chlorophyll, in all the green, and antioxidants, most other colors. We need naturaly colorful food. it is good for us. Thus we say, Eat the rainbow of food. We are here to make that easy for you.


90% off our products and ingredients are certified organic and we always go the extra mile to find the finest ingredients available for our products.




100% off our products are plant- based/vegan. There are no additives, no food coloring, no gmo, no preservatives, no nothing of what you don't want...just natural ingredients. 



We all know by now that plant-based food is the best choice not only for you but for all life here on our planet.       Our choice now leads the way to tomorrow.